Visns Studio


With the power of Mitel, a worldwide leader in cloud communications, Visns Studio provides industry leading business phone systems and collaboration platforms for your business.


Cloud Solution MiVoice Business Subscription


Get the right balance of flexibility and control. With subscription, your business can address the core challenges associated with transformation. Up-front costs are minimized, and you only pay for the communication and collaboration tools your teams need with no stranded investment. The benefits of subscriptions vary from business to business, but the main advantages can be broken down into three distinct pillars.


We believe choice puts organizations in control. That's why we believe it's only right to offer a range of solutions and options. Choose a subscription model with monthly payments, or choose a CapEx commercial arrangement with one-off payments; or depending on business needs, a hybrid of the two might make sense for your business. Select a commercial framework that fits your organizational needs.



Choose the perfect package of communication, collaboration and customer experience features tailored to your organization's needs. Select your product to meet the needs of your organization as it scales, and adjust your applications, add-ons and services to unlock new capabilities as needed.


Taking advantage of a subscription model means you have capital to take advantage of new business opportunities as they present themselves. Change your organizational direction and the communications and collaboration needed to succeed with less friction, enabling you to evolve and progress more easily.


Flexibility of Deployment

Host it on AWS, Azure or any Private Cloud giving true flexibility of deployment.

Private Cloud

Call Centre Solution MiContact Center Business


Enterprise-grade, omnichannel customer experience management platform designed to power customer-centric organizations from a private cloud call center.

Major shifts in customer expectations have brought new challenges to the way your business delivers customer experience. 90 percent of consumers check your website before interacting with your company, and most customers would rather interact through digital channels like web chat, SMS, chatbots and social media.

Take Advantage of AI

Revolutionize customer interactions with Mitel's Artificial Intelligence (AI) contact center and call center solutions that transform your customer experience.

Enterprise Solution CloudLink


Enterprise telephony and communication has transformed to digital collaboration and customer engagement that drives accelerated employee productivity. Deployment models are shifting from an onsite model where customers own servers to cloud models that are consumed as a monthly operational expense, and every customer is using cloud communications to some degree. As we move into the future, businesses are looking for ways to integrate communications into applications and business workflows that will drive the next step function of productivity for their organizations.

CloudLink is a modern, scalable, resilient platform that allows a customer to evolve their communications and applications deployments at their own pace. CloudLink provides a rich suite of application-enabling services including Identity and Access Management (IAM), user management, chat, presence, notifications, and media/telephony services to name a few.