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Omnia Global launches 'TaaS' providing technology skills across all levels of expertise at a fixed price per month.

Omnia Global launches 'TaaS' with a focus on providing technology skills across all levels of expertise at a set fixed priced per month.

Companies no longer will need to pay a price per desktop, per user, per server, per ticket or per skill set. It's a single point of contact for all your technology needs. Reduce costs with disparate technology providers and access innovation at its best. Omnia Global is now able to not only build custom software and integration but also protect that software and the full network with cybersecurity. Design, Deliver, Manage.

Unlike traditional Managed Service Providers (MSPs), where costs for roles like senior engineers, CTO, CIO can add up separately, we consolidate everything into one easy-to-understand cost. No more juggling various expenses - TaaS centralises your IT management within a single, transparent subscription, ensuring your budgeting is straightforward and hassle-free. Technology in-sourcing is an extension of your in-house IT team, allowing companies to access full range of technology expertise in one provider, one monthly cost without multiple providers or trying to onboard hard to find skills.

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