Remote & Hybrid Working Solutions

Stay connected with employees, customers and stakeholders. Whether your organization is facing an unexpected event, like the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic or you want to simply offer greater flexibility for your workforce, today’s remote working technologies make it easy for teams to stay productive wherever they are.


Remote Working

Ensure your remote employees are as connected and supported as in-office staff. Employees should be able to switch from in-office to remote seamlessly as circumstances demand.

Business infrastructure should be equipped to handle remote work at scale, including secure connectivity and device options for employees. Choose from flexible deployment models including - private cloud, public cloud, on-premise or a hybrid of both.


Every business is now an online business. Customers who might usually have preferred face-to-face interactions will be interacting with your brand online, so it's crucial that they have a positive, seamless, exceptional experience.

Mitel MiCollab is an enterprise collaboration software and tools platform solution that securely and swiftly powers communications for whenever you need them, wherever you are.

Hybrid Solutions

To effectively support the shift to a hybrid model, organisations need to align communication and collaboration tools to provide better visibility over work, engagement, accountability, governance and compliance.

If done correctly, the move to hybrid working presents a valuable opportunity for a broader organisational transformation that can lead to new ways of working.

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